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Chaperone Policy

Grasmere Medical Services prides itself in providing confidential and discreet medical services. Both Doctor and Mrs Hudson are aware of the need for the utmost discretion when seeing clients and to maintain absolute medical confidentiality at all times.

All female clients are advised that a chaperone will be present in the examination room while they are being examined on the examination couch. Mrs Hudson acts as the chaperone. The on-line booking system is set so that no female client can book an appointment if Mrs Hudson is not able to be present.

Undressing and dressing are always performed behind a fully screened examination couch and females are requested to ensure that they are fully covered with a clean blanket before the examination begins.

A separate toilet with a lockable door is adjacent to the examination room for the provision of urine samples. This has washing facilities.

Male clients are not chaperoned and would regard the offer of a male or female chaperone as a strange and unnecessary request.

This policy has been in operation since Grasmere Medical Services started in 2000 and during that time there has never been any cause for concern from any of our clients. Dr and Mrs Hudson are confident that these privacy and confidential standards have never been compromised.

Dr Martin Hudson - Mrs Sue Hudson